Monday, March 28, 2011

What turning 55 gets you!

I turned 55 a couple of weeks ago & these 3 guys were sitting on the floor in the kitchen to greet me! I could not have been more thrilled, thanks Joe you really out did yourself this time! Now if it would only warm up me & my 3 new friends could go hang out in the garden.

Callan also made me this beautiful card & a really nice post about me on her blog which you can check outhere

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Anonymous said...

Did Joe craft these?! Another fantastic artist in the family? I am thankful I know how great I am or I'd be feeling "somewhat" inferior = loser! =D
Callan, I read your beautiful and true statement on your mom, and I can back you up on every word. It moved me are also a "swell" daughter. That expression is even before my time, but it is true. <3