Wednesday, October 29, 2014

So much for a weekly Blog update

t's been a very busy month preparing for the
 on Dec. 6&7 this year in Greenpoint Brooklyn!
 425 Zippers have arrived
 Printed a batch of my holiday tea towels
 Sketched Monster Dolls, hopefully next update I will have actual samples to show

 Lots of designing going on, this is a card holder inside & out

And lots of new fabrics being printed

Sunday, October 5, 2014

One step step back...or is it the other way around?!

My sewing machine is one of my most treasured possessions as it was the first "major" purchase I made when I started can guess by the photo how long ago that was! It has served me well for 40+ years but I had such a hard time making the 2 samples above that I had to bring it into the shop. He pretty much told me to put the money towards a new machine with metal gears... so now I have a new machine with metal gears & I also spent the money & repaired old faithful...we've been thru too much for me to toss it now!


 I had several "OH NO" moments this weekend...After a productive day in the printshop I banged one screen into another & poked a hole in it....ARGH!

When reclaiming a screen the power washer sprayed back on me so I took my glasses off & put them in my apron pocket....when I put them back on they were bent out of shape, they wouldn't even stay on my head, this is the best I could fix them without completely snapping them..."OH NO"! Guess I'll be getting new glasses this week.