Friday, February 26, 2010

"Irish Twins" - "Irish triplets" - "Irish Quadruplets"

Happy Birthday Pat! For one month every year my sister Pat & I are the same age. We are what's know as "Irish Twins". We grew up being called this, in fact as you might guess by our age (53) it was a very common thing. What I didn't know was that we are actually considered "Irish Triplets" because my younger brother Steve, Pat & I were all born within 2 years - can you imagine!
EASTER 1963 Steve, Pat, Margaret
BELOW Summer 1963 Pat, Steve, Margaret & Tom
I feel bad leaving my older brother Tom out, he is 18 months older than me which eliminates him but 4 kids in 4 years we're making him an honorary "Irish Quadruplet"! They say that the "Irish Twins" "Triplets" etc tend to be very close because of the closeness in age and I think it is very true. They are 3 of my favorite people. We have 2 more sisters but they are much younger and spaced further apart.

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Madeline said...

This was an adorable post!

When I showed my father what you had written about getting him online, he said "I'm getting a bad wrap here but nobody reads my blog." Then he said "remind me to call my sister Pat tomorrow." Haha.