Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Baaaaaa Baaa Back!

Things I learned on my Vacation...Fly Direct!
Just got back from Dublin with a few new rules for traveling. Most important new rule is to only fly non stop from now on! Last night on our incredibly long journey home we flew over New York (Home) and 1 hour 40 minutes later landed in Atlanta Ga., 4 hours later got back on a plane to New York & 1 hour 40 minutes later landed in NY! INSANE!!!!
To pass the time on the plane I read Kathy Griffin's Memoir which I very much enjoyed, unfortunately I finished it before I hit Atlanta (oh No!) She had a line in the book that totally spoke to me.... "Even vacations start not to feel like vacations after 5 days: They become the thing that keeps me from working." It's good to be home & back to work!
More rules & photos to follow soon!

1 comment:

Madeline said...

Hi Margaret!

I'm happy that you're back.
I read the bio for your blog and was hopeful that you could make a personalized card for me.

I forgot my sister's birthday and thought I should send her a card finally.

I thought you would be appropriate for this situation. Her birthday is March 20th. Make it nice, I kind of like her.

Tommy Phillips Junior

p.s. This counts as a call and a card (in the same year).