Sunday, August 16, 2009


If you appreciate a great story to go along with a great find, then Erin Green's very funny blog MONEY CAN'T BUY TASTE is for you. This is one of my favorite blogs, she's a very clever writer & she always makes me laugh.
Not being as clever as Erin I won't even attempt to be as witty, I do however love to repurpose great finds so I'll share a few with you here. I'm a very lucky lady because my husband brings me many great "gifts", no not flowers or jewelry.... Here are a few of my favorites.
Joe got this M off the name plate of an old tugboat and welded quarter rod to it for stakes. I can't tell you how delighted I was when he brought this home!

My best friend Sue gave me the top of this bird bath and told me to do something with it... it was Joe who came up with the idea for the base. Also from a tugboat, the base is a brass shaft cutless bearing.

How clever is this door mat! Once again Joe brought this home, it's a conveyor belt from a skimmer boat (ironically it's from a sanitation boat) used to clean up the water. It is a little rough on bare feet though!

This little guy is a recent "gift", I'm sure many will recognize him as the hood ornament from a mac truck.

Here is the most recent treasure to be brought home; 2 Lobster pot markers that got caught up in a propeller. I have no idea what will become of them but I'm sure with a coat of paint they will grace my garden next year, stay tuned!

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Erin said...

Hey thanks for your nice comment! and entry. very cool. I feel special! You have some serious good finds there. I'm totally digging the "M" and the buoys. I'm a sea side girl originally, so that kind of stuff absolutely rocks my trashing world.

Now I feel pressured to be clever and witty ;) haha.

AND i'm more than a little envious about your graphic design into textile ability. I try playing with illustrator a bit and I'm so stoked when I can get a circle to fill with a pattern and move it all at once. whew! tougher than lugging trash home for sure . . . and takes more imagination.

keep bloggin', readin', and creatin'