Wednesday, April 22, 2009


In honor of earth day I want to share this re-cycled art project.
For my birthday this year I told Joe instead of buying me a present I wanted him to do a project with me, ( like most guys he would have preferred to crack open the wallet & make a trip to the mall) BUT being the nice guy he is we made this ladybug. Joe isn’t an artist but he does come up with a lot of clever ideas, making the lady bug from a helmet was actually his idea and as a bonus he has access to welding equipment! I claim credit for the antenna made from the plant hanger though! Thanks also to Neil & Jonathan who helped Joe with the cutting & welding.

This turtle has the distinction of being not necessarily the "best" present Joe ever gave me (that would be a diamond anniversary ring) BUT it is my absolute favorite present! We were walking by an art supply store on 33rd st. in Manhattan one day & I saw this turtle and commented on how cute he was. Several months later he was under the Christmas tree. Rarely does such a surprise get by me & my extreme holiday snooping! He has sat in my garden since, the older & rustier he gets the more I love him! He was also the inspiration for our ladybug.


Callan's Sketchblog said...

I love the little ladybug, and I love the way you explained the process! I can't wait to see how cute she is out in the garden :D

veronica said...

How cute and creative is come I've never seen you before ?

Lyn said...

I cannot believe that little cute ladybug is actually a helmet! =) =)

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I'm not sure if it's actually clear from the photos, but the mushrooms are actually pipes protruding out from the ground.
The place I visited is an abandoned treatment plant of some sort.
If you are planning to do it, I would love to see how they turn out =) =)

Gabriele Antonini said...

i love all the types you use. Could you tell wich one is this on the picture of the ladybug?

Victoria Savanella said...

Your work is so great! Now I see where Callan gets it! This lady bug is adorable and so creative! I love it!

orange you lucky! said...

That's an adorable present! Very cute:)

You are a winner of my little giveaway:)
SO... please e-mail me your address... and I will ship you a little book:)